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Lindsey. 21. Jesus freak. Nerd. Psych major. Conservative. INFJ. Dreamer. Schemer. Counselor for individuals with developmental disabilities. I also have a vast number of alternate universes in my head-- occasionally they get fleshed out in words and called "stories"!

Raptr Gamercard

Moulin from Return to Labyrinth (old photo, judging by the number of piercings in my left ear!)

Moulin: Go back to your freezer, or I’ll tell mother that you’ve been stalking me again. 
Esker: Ah, but your mother was the one who asked me to keep an eye on you. Seems she doesn’t trust you… Now, be a good girl and go back to your room.
Moulin: Don’t you know, Esker? Good girls don’t wear black!  

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